Incredible feeling when you first enter your first home! I admit that for weeks after moving into me, butterflies were flying in my belly when I was walking in the apartment. A special feeling, a real milestone. Let’s see what you should pay attention to when buying your first apartment…

Find out the maintenance costs!

Find out the maintenance costs!

When buying the first apartment, we tend to concentrate on the inaccessible purchase price. Almost everyone has found a very “cheap” apartment on one of the property search sites.

We are so focused on packing the purchase price that we forget to plan further. In the long run, however, we can put a strain on our neck if we are not informed properly!

What does overhead contain?


The number of houses, so many habits. There are fixed and variable costs for the apartment.

The following questions are answered. How much is the cost per square meter? What does co-cost contain? What heat loss does the heating system “work” with? How much winter time is the water heating and heating fee?

How does the condominium work?

How does the condominium work?

If you move into a condominium, it is important to be informed about the operation of the condominium. Is the condominium budget superfluous or incomplete at the moment? If so, what is it from? From extra source of income or did the general assembly vote for extra payments? What is the level of the additional payments and what purpose does the condominium collect?

What areas do you belong to?

It is easy that lighting and roads in a residential complex are no longer public property but private property. This means that the residents have to pay maintenance and depreciation costs for lighting and travel.

Because we are talking about extremely serious costs that will ultimately be incorporated into the common cost and the extraordinary common costs, so it is not good to be informed in time!

How much to spend on the apartment?

How much to spend on the apartment?

When purchasing the first apartment, our primary goal is to pay the purchase price. We tend to forget about the burden of moving, such as the cost of renovation!

Would you have thought that a good quality sanitary mix in the bathroom (washbasin and bath tap) + a tap in the toilet would cost you about 60-100,000 forints?

Today in Budapest, the cost of renovating the apartment is somewhere around 80-100,000 HUF / sqm. This means that you can renovate a fully renovated 55 sqm apartment for an additional 5-5.5M forints. It must in any case be included in the budget!

Listen to the technical delivery of the apartment

Whether you move to a second-hand home or to a newly built apartment, be sure to pay attention to the technical transfer. In the latter case, the contractor must improve the problems that arise. However, it does not matter whether you need to fix the patch within 30 days before putting it into the possession or in the next few months as part of the warranty repair.

In case of second-hand housing, you can provide a negotiating basis if you are able to spot and discover the faults of the apartment while you are watching the apartment. Because you can argue with it during the flood! Unfortunately, there is very little useful information about this on the net. That’s why I picked you up on 21 pages for what you need to pay attention to during technical delivery!

How does the math come out?

It is worth considering what financial strategy you can use to solve the financing! I write some ideas.

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I apply. This article was last updated. The information contained in it was accurate at the time of publication, but may become obsolete by now.