Are you a dentist, an ambulance attendant, a nurse, a doctor or a pharmacist? Exercise with confidence thanks to the participative loan. This innovative solution meets all your needs, even the most specific: need for cash and working capital, purchase of medical equipment, furniture, professional vehicle , etc.


A dynamic sector

In 2014, INSEE had no less than 1,175,000 healthcare professionals in France, including 355,000 people in the medical and pharmaceutical professions and 820,000 medical auxiliaries. Among these professionals, 400,000 practiced as a liberal, including many nurses, midwives, veterinarians or speech therapists.

What bank credits for health professionals?

What bank credits for health professionals?

Different types of credits are at your disposal:

  • Leasing . It’s a very simple loan solution. Here, the credit can be subscribed to finance new, used or for development work. Through leasing, you can depreciate your property and deduct the interest on the loan from your income. An interesting option for many projects (purchase of medical equipment, vehicle, upgrading, etc.).
  • The professional cash account . With this option, you quickly have funds in the event of a cash gap. You can thus obtain several tens of thousands of euros to pay your expenses, in case of late payment or even decline in activity.
  • Medium and long-term credits . Your installation may require the purchase of business assets, walls, patients or the purchase of shares. These investments can be financed by medium or long-term loans, adapted to your needs.

What alternative financing for your profession?

Bank credit is certainly a good option. But today, in a context of crisis, banking institutions are increasingly cautious. As a result, many professionals, especially in the health sector, face refusals, including for small sums.

Another solution, for professionals, that of self-financing . It is here, to draw on its own funds. But here, the financial structure is weakened.

Finally, the alternative of leasing also has something to seduce. Renting rather than buying makes it possible to have equipment that is always new and in perfect working order. Now, for example, you can rent clean work coats, floor coverings or computer equipment. But for now, leasing remains relatively expensive and does not cover all the needs of health professionals.

The most innovative solution, simple and fast: the participative loan

The most innovative solution, simple and fast: the participative loan

The crowdlending loan has grown substantially since its arrival in France in 2014. Its principle? A natural person or a company lends a sum of money to finance a project. Then that sum must be returned, with interest.

The crowdlending is adapted to the needs of the medical professionals because it can finance material and intangible needs, ie both the purchase of a local or a car than the investment in a training, the overhaul a website or a need for cash.

CFR Credit, French leader in crowdlending

A dynamic sector

Finance your project without going through a bank with CFR Credit , French leader in crowdlending.

The platform allows businesses and individuals to lend directly to health professionals to fund the project they care about. It can grant loans between 20,000 and 2,500,000 € as needed, for a duration of 12, 24, 36, 48 or 60 months . Fixed by our specialists, interest rates range from 2.40 to 8.80% , depending on the degree of risk incurred by the investor.

Dentist, orthoptist or nurse, you want to invest in medical equipment or you need to finance your cash? Learn about borrowing solutions from Matthew Bramble, a specialist in health professional financing.